Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Acquires Unbelievable Bug Sculptures Made from Human Hair

ORLANDO, Fla. (Sept. 5, 2011) – For most people, insects and hair are not a pleasant combination – but for Seattle artist Adrienne Antonson, bugs and hair are things of beauty.

Seattle artist Adrienne Antonson’s incredible and realistic insects are created using only human hair and glue!

Antonson uses only human hair and glue to create unbelievable insect sculptures. They’re so unbelievable that Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has acquired six of her creations to go on display at the company’s Odditoriums.

“My initial response was ‘yuck’ because I don’t like bugs and using human hair to create anything – especially to a bald guy like me – is disturbing,” said Edward Meyer, Ripley’s VP of Exhibits and Archives. “This was quickly replaced by real wonder. “These bugs are truly beautiful; the praying mantis is so realistic, you think it’s going to attack you.”  


Antonson sees hair as the ultimate renewable resource for her artistic creations. “Much of my work centers around sustainable concepts – the idea of using what you have,” Antonson said. “Human hair is the epitome of this idea – it’s free, self-sustaining and immediately accessible. Also, I enjoy the response my art has on viewers – they seem attracted and repulsed at the same time.”

 Not just any hair will do for her artwork.

“I use hair from close friends and family, and a lot from myself (I’ve collected it daily my entire life),” Antonson said. “Some of my favorite donors include a dear friend who is 90 and saves her hair trimmings for me (they make the best wings!), as well as my 4 year old niece in Costa Rica who recently gave herself a drastic hair cut so she could send me her hair for art.  My studio is filled with labeled jars full of locks – much like a painter’s palate. With most of the insects I am able to identify exactly whose hair is included and where.”

Antonson says entomology has always been a hobby and bugs have found their way into many of her creations. She loves creating the realistic sculptures – without ever sacrificing a living insect.

What does she think about her insects invading Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditoriums?

“Having my work in Ripley’s is incredible; surreal, really,” said Antonson. “I loved the museums as a little girl, so I am very excited to have my work in their collection.   I enjoy thinking of them in long halls filled with other unusual artifacts, and that makes me beyond thrilled.   I can’t wait to visit them once they’re settled!” 

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