Grand Prairie, TX, July 1, 2004 – The popular Palace of Wax museum in Grand Prairie has been re-branded as the “Louis Tussaud’s Palace of Wax,” the first of its kind in the United States.

 Re-Branded Facility Opens in Grand Prairie with San Antonio Next Up

After purchasing the venue earlier this year, Ripley Entertainment renovated the Grand Prairie museum’s appearance by replacing and upgrading existing signs, billboards, vinyls and more.  The most notable changes are found inside, including an all-new breathtaking display of the popular “Lord of the Rings” cast. 

Ripley’s art director and lead sculptor Barry Anderson worked diligently with eight other artists to create these characters and believes these are the most compelling figures ever created by Ripley’s.  There are four “Rings” figures now on display including Gimli, the dwarf; Gandalf, the wizard; and two villains, Orc and Lurtz.  Gollum, Frodo Baggins, and Legolas will join the others later this summer. 

This set of characters will complement an astounding group of wax movie stars, pop singers, religious figures, and world leaders that grace the museum with their magnificence. Examples of prominent individuals include every president of the United States, from Washington to George W. Bush, plus megastars like Tiger Woods, J-Lo, Whoopi Goldberg and Britney Spears. 

The original Louis Tussaud’s museum opened in Niagara Falls, Canada in the mid-1950s and has since closed.  However, the popular museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, which opened in 1974, is still one of the most attended attractions in that part of the world.

Ripley Entertainment, which owns the rights to the Louis Tussaud’s brand, is currently adding two more Louis Tussaud’s locations to its lineup of wax – San Antonio and Niagara Falls, Canada.  The “Plaza Wax Museum” in San Antonio is being re-branded as “Louis Tussaud’s Plaza Wax Museum” and will soon be welcoming new exhibits. 

Meanwhile, a brand new Louis Tussaud’s is now under construction in Niagara Falls, Canada and is set to open in mid-2005.  This expansion will allow Ripley’s to conceptualize, design, and implement new wax figures on a regular basis. 

The Texas museums are already hugely successful, showcasing more than 200 figures in various galleries such as the “Museum of Fear,” “Wizard of Oz” and “Children’s Childhood Fantasy.”  With these upgrades in both design and staff, the Louis Tussaud’s museums are destined to be among the most distinguished and thrilling tourist sites in America.      

Ripley’s stable of artists is among the most talented in the world and their meticulous work is reflected in the perfection of the figures they create.  From research through assembly, these artists have an uncanny ability to construct figures so lifelike it feels as though visitors are standing next to a living-breathing icon.  It takes nearly two months to create one wax figure from beginning to end.  All are life-size and full-body, meaning that body casts are made from people with similar characteristics, or in some cases, the celebrities themselves.  They are displayed in full and elegant costuming, elevating their aesthetic beauty to unprecedented levels.

Ripley’s continues to deliver the most unique experiences to its visitors, further enhanced by the acquisition and re-branding efforts in Texas for the Louis Tussaud’s wax museums.  The grand re-openings are not to be missed…Believe It or Not!

About Ripley Entertainment

Ripley Entertainment Inc. has been a global leader in the attraction industry for 75 years. Ripley’s currently owns and operates 47 attractions in 10 countries.  A member of the Jim Pattison Group, one of Canada’s largest privately owned companies, Ripley’s family attractions draw more than 12 million guests per year.

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