Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Trashy Fashion Show Winners Announced

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (March 26, 2012) – Ripley’s “Trashy Fashion Show” on Saturday, March 24,  produced three winners and three new exhibits that will go on display at Ripley’s museum in St Augustine, Florida.  Teen and “tween” designers swept the competition, winning all three categories.

Masha Sardari in a paint brush paper bag dress.

Kennedy Trugter in her newspaper dress.

Analise Barnard and co-designer Amani Grant won first prize in the twelve and under division for their dress entitled “High Energy.”  The party dress and headband were created entirely from coffee filters.  The over-the-shoulder mini dress model entered the catwalk partially concealing  the gown with a cape made of trash bags.  The cape was shed and the amazing dress revealed.  The two won $100 for their efforts and Ripley’s paid them another $100 to acquire the dress.

Kennedy Trugter, age 15, won the student prize of $100 for her party dress made entirely out of newspaper.  The sleeveless top was adorned with newspaper flowers and ruffles, while the skirt was triple-tiered with hundreds of pleated paper sections.  Ripley’s also acquired this dress for an additional $100.

Analise Barnard in a dress made from coffee filters.

The 17 and up category was won by Masha Sardari, who had two entries.  The first was a formal, knee length gown made from used paint brushes and paper bags.  Her second entry was a cocktail dress made from a used shower curtain.  Ultimately, it was her first gown that took the prize.  She too won $100 and Ripley’s acquired the dress for display for another $100.

Other entries included dresses made from magazines, bottle caps, grocery bags, paper cups, snack wrappers, trading cards and magazines.

In the art competition, Evan Rachelle won the youth division for his artwork entitled “A Bucket of Crayola” which was created from old, melted crayons on canvas.  The sculpture “Full of It” won best overall and was the creation of Stephanie Seivert and Abby Solaun, both 16.  “Full of It” was a life sized sculpture of a man created from packing tape, magazines and cardboard. 


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